Who we are

  • Founded 2019 (Y Combinator W19)
  • Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Team of 100+ with deep experience building and certifying aircraft globally
  • Raised $145M to date by leading climate tech VCs and strategic investors

What we do

  • We’re building the platform to power a new era for regional aviation.
  • Taking the most direct and credible path to bring electric flight to commercial service by the end of this decade
  • Building the ecosystem of related infrastructure and services to unlock the regional aviation market’s full market potential

How we work


To mature our concept and bring the ES-30™ through testing and certification before entry into service we have adopted an iterative design model, with continuous iterations, tests, and real-life demonstrations to validate our progress.

Electric motor rig

Proving cost efficiency of electric propulsion in 2020.

Subscale flight

Validating flight characteristics and profile for electric aircraft in 2021.

“Iron bird” integrated test facility

Full-scale test bench for design and integration of key aircraft systems in 2022.

Fullscale Heart® Demonstrator

Coming in 2024, flying in 2025: demonstration of ES-30™ propulsion architecture in operation

Company presentation

Executive team

Anders Forslund

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Simon Newitt

President & Chief Commercial Officer

Klara Forslund

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer

Peter Nelson

General Counsel

Alexander Andrén

Head of Finance

Benjamin Stabler

Chief Technology Officer


John S. Slattery


Anders Forslund


Christian Garcia


Ted Persson


Gustaf Alströmer



Vagn Sørensen

Peter Carlsson

Håkan Buskhe

Mike Leskinen

David Giger