Our goal is to have Heart ES-19 certified for commercial operation by 2026


Our first aircraft is the ES-19, a nineteen-passenger airliner with an operating range of 400 km. The ES-19 is a fully electric aircraft, and our goal is to have the aircraft certified for commercial operation by 2026.

Heart’s Hangar

Heart’s main office and hangar facility is located at Säve Airport in Gothenburg, Sweden.


We’re a small and yet a highly skilled team that have made key contributions to over 100 aircraft.


At Heart we’re working at the cutting edge of technology while contributing towards a sustainable future.


Anders Forslund

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Klara Andreasson

Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Nigel Pippard

Chief Technical Officer/Head of Design Organisation

Philip Keenan

Head of Airworthiness & Certification

Welsh Pond

Head of Flight Control Systems

Fabricio Spigolon

Head of Electrical Systems

Étienne Lemarchand

Head of Avionics Systems

André Gama

Head of Flight Sciences

Benjamin Vedder

Head of Propulsions Systems R&D

Christoffer Levandowski

Head of R&D Programmes

Elisabeth Vidfar

Head of Human Resources

Miller Rothfuchs

Section Lead - Systems Installation

David De La Casa

Section Lead - Airframe Design

Jeff Friesen

Section Lead - Motor Control

Thomas Pratt

Flight Sciences Engineer

Alexander Frühbeis

Flight Sciences Engineer

Anton Robertsson

Mechanical Design - R&D

Dominika Hamulczuk

Mechanical & Installation Design Engineer

Sophie Laperche

Avionics Systems Engineer

Allison Horn

Technical Assistant - Propulsion Systems

Astrid Mascarenhas

Talent Acquisition & Management

Mia Sintorn

Human Resources System Administration


Gustaf Alströmer

Christian Garcia


Vagn Sørensen

Jonathan Ornstein

Peter Carlsson

Håkan Buskhe

Partners & Investors