Electrifying regional air travel

Modular all-electric propulsion system

optimizied design

aluminum airframe

Heart Aerospace will deliver the first ES-19 electric airliner certified for commercial flight by 2026

Heart Aerospace ES-19 side view Heart Aerospace ES-19 front view Heart Aerospace ES-19 back view



Air travel accounts for 2% of global CO2 emissions, and that share is expected to rise to 12-27% by 2050. 40% of worldwide emissions are from short-haul flights. Electric aircraft are the solution. These planes have zero operational emissions, and the lowest infrastructural footprint of all modes of regional transport.


travel times

We believe air travel should be integrated into–not seperated from–our towns and communities.
Our zero-emissions, low-noise aircraft can operate on 750m runways, making new use of the vast network of small airports close to city centres.


75% cost savings
in fuel and 50%
in maintenance

Electrification changes the equation for regional air travel. Electric aircraft are affordable to buy, operate and maintain. Simple, reliable electric motors reduce maintenance costs by 90% compared to turboprops, and intelligent electronic monitoring reduces inspection needs. Most importantly, fuel costs go down by 50-75%.

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