About Heart Aerospace

At Heart Aerospace we work at the cutting edge of technology while contributing towards a sustainable future. Heart’s mission is to create the world’s greenest, most affordable, and most accessible form of transport. This mission is grounded in the outlook that electric air travel will become the new normal for regional flights and can be transformational in addressing the industry’s key sustainability challenges.

At Heart Aerospace we develop the ES-30, a regional electric airplane with a standard seating capacity of 30 passengers driven by electric motors with battery derived energy. The ES-30 will have a fully electric zero emissions range of 200 kilometers, an extended range of 400 kilometers with 30 passengers and flexibility to fly up to 800 kilometers with 25 passengers, all including typical airline reserves. 

Our investors include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, EQT Ventures, European Investment Council, Lower Carbon Capital, Mesa Air Group Inc and United Airlines Ventures. Our main offices and hangar facility are located at Säve Airport in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Anders Forslund

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Klara Forslund

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer

Nigel Pippard

Chief Technical Officer/Head of Design Organisation

Sofia Graflund

Chief Operating Officer

Simon Newitt

Chief Commercial Officer

Gijsberth De Ruiter

Chief Financial Officer

Markus Kochs-Kämper

Head of Engineering / Chief Engineer

Alan Scott

Landing Gear Systems & Structures Engineer

Alex Evans

Head of Supply Chain Management

Alexander Andrén

Senior Finance Manager

Alexandre Antunes

Senior Aerodynamics & Thermodynamics Engineer

Anderson Lindegger

Senior Mass Properties Engineer

André Bogni

Head of Manufacturing Engineering

André Carvalho

Head of Program Management

André Gama

Head of Flight Sciences

André Paulista

Senior Interior & External Lighting Systems Engineer

Andrew Palmer

Senior Environmental, HIRF, & Lightning Qualification Engineer

Andy Larkman

Chief Test Pilot

Anna Johansson

Junior Flight Sciences Engineer

Anna Sordi

Section Lead - Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

Anton Hansson

Junior Design Engineer

Anton Robertsson

AD&P Manufacturing Manager

Artur Macedo

Senior System Safety, Reliability & Maintainability Engineer

Astrid Mascarenhas

Talent Acquisition & Management

Bassem Farag

Battery Management System Engineer

Cecilia Sereno

Section Lead Lighting Systems

Celso Casagrande

Senior Propulsion Systems & Certification

Christina Zander

Head of Communications

Christoffer Levandowski

Head of R&D Programmes

Claudio Camelier

Head of Marketing

Damian Gmur

Senior Primary Flight Control System Engineer

David De La Casa

Section Lead - Airframe Design

Davide Bracchi

Senior Airframe Stress Engineer

Dominika Hamulczuk

Mechanical & Installation Design Engineer

Edoardo Lena

Electrical Propulsion System Integration Engineer

Eduardo Mayrink

Head of Airworthiness & Certification

Elias Aronsson

Prototype Technician

Elisabeth Vidfar

Head of Human Resources

Eric Le Lann

Senior Human Factors & Ergonomics Engineer

Ester Garrido Estrada

Senior Avionics System Engineer

Étienne Lemarchand

Head of Avionics Systems

Eylem Becerikli

Head of Independent System Monitoring

Fabiano Silva

Senior Loads & Dynamics Engineer

Fabio Almeida

Section Lead Interior Design

Fabio Stabile de Oliveira

Senior Environmental Control System Engineer

Fabricio Hulshof

Senior Aircraft Performance Engineer

Fabricio Spigolon

Head of Electrical Systems

Fatih Çetin

Landing Gear System Engineer

Fernando Stancato

Senior Environmental Control System Engineer

Francisco Martin

Landing Gear Systems Engineer

Giacomo Mingardo

Electrical Propulsion System Integration Engineer

Grégoire Savary

Senior System Safety Engineer

Guilherme Albuquerque

Section Lead Aircraft Systems Integration

Gustavo Rebelo

Section Lead Auto-flight Systems

Hanna Ottander

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Harun Tıraş

Loads & Dynamics Engineer

Jakob Müller

Tool and Method Specialist

Joel Fransson

Junior Mechanical Systems Engineer

Johan Lindgren

Loads & Dynamics Engineer

Johan Trulsson

Junior Mechanical Systems Engineer

John Rader

Senior Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS) Engineer

John W. Doyle

Senior Design Engineer - Airframe Design

José Fragnan

Head of Production Organization

Julia Land

Junior Design Engineer

Justin Kaber

Head of Structures and Interiors

Kapil Agarwal

Senior Avionics Systems Engineer

Kenzo Sasaki

Stability & Control Engineer

Khaled Mohamed

Financial Administrator

Kim Pippard

Administration & Office Support

Lance Lutchen

Mechanical Systems Installation Design Engineer

Luciano Stefanini

Senior Ice & Rain Protection System Engineer

Ludvig Ahlström

Facility & Office Projects Manager

Luis Aguilera

Section Lead – Energy Storage Systems

Luiz Fernando de Souza

Flight Test Instrumentation Manager

Leandro Maia

AD&P Programs & Engineering Manager

Márcio Berthoud

Senior Interior Design Engineer

Maria Höglund

Head of Procurement

Matheus Cuin

Head of Electric Propulsion Systems

Mia Sintorn

Human Resources System Administration

Miller Rothfuchs

Section Lead - Systems Installation

Neil Robertson

Head of Mechanical Systems

Nicholas Coop

Head of Flight Test Operations

Niclas Uggla

Head of IP

Nishant Batra

Junior Flight Control Systems Engineer

Nishanth Vasireddy

Senior Flight Control System

Oskar Dahl

Battery & Charging System Engineer

Pascal Isenegger

Senior Ice & Rain Protection System Engineer

Peter Nelson

Head of Legal

Philip Keenan

Head of Central Engineering Functions & Integration

Priscilla Campici

Senior Environmental, HIRF & Lightning Qualification Engineer

Pruthviraj Korwar

Systems Installation Design Engineer

Ramil Puthiyedathu Pothera

Flight Control Functions Engineer

Renan Pivati

Aerodynamics & Thermodynamics Engineer

Renato Novelli

Senior Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS) Engineer

Renato Tiberio

Senior System Safety, Reliability & Maintainability Engineer

Resieri Marcato

Airworthiness Assurance Manager

Ricardo Aoyama

Program Certification Manager

Ricardo Dadalto Duca Santos

Certification Engineer

Richard Hodgkinson

Senior Airframe Design Engineer

Rinaldo De Araujo

Head of Customer Support & Services

Rodrigo Valadares

Senior Flight Control Systems Engineer

Rodrigo Suguimati

Senior Loads & Dynamics Engineer

Rushabh Kathote

Junior Airframe Stress Engineer

Samantha Gopalakrisna


Sandro Morais

Senior Fire Detection & Suppression System Engineer

Sena Otlu

Junior Airframe Stress Engineer

Sofie Grettve

Section Lead Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition

Sophie Laperche

Avionics Systems Engineer


Senior Airframe Stress Engineer

Tobias Hennig

Prototyping Engineer

Tony Stedt

Head of Information Technology

Viola Nagujja

Talent Acquisition and Global Mobility Specialist

Walace Cagnin

Head of Manufacturing

Welsh Pond

Head of Flight Control Systems

William Tempel de Donato

Senior Airframe Stress Engineer


Gustaf Alströmer

Christian Garcia


Vagn Sørensen

Jonathan Ornstein

Peter Carlsson

Håkan Buskhe

Partners & Investors