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Swedish electric airplane maker Heart Aerospace has appointed John S. Slattery, as non-executive chairman of its Board of Directors. John continues to serve as Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at GE Aerospace.

“I’m excited to take on this role at such a decisive time for our industry,” John says. “We are accountable to future generations, and if we are to reach carbon neutrality, we need to act with vision, courage, curiosity, and the sense of urgency demonstrated by the team at Heart Aerospace.”

“The segment targeted by Heart Aerospace is ripe for disruption. It will not only help with decarbonization of commercial aviation but will also democratize travel bringing commercial flight back to communities long since not served or indeed airports that are losing service today. The value proposition of the ES-30 regional hybrid electric airplane brings a classic ‘blue-ocean’ strategy to the market where everyone will benefit – including the environment.”

Anders Forslund, co-founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace, says he is honored to bring John on board: “He is one of the defining industry leaders of the modern era, and he has a relentless drive towards decarbonizing air travel. As Heart grows as a company, John is a perfect fit for us. We couldn’t be more excited.”  

Prior to joining GE, a leading provider of aircraft jet and turboprop engines and aircraft systems, John served as President & CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation. Before Embraer, John spent fifteen years in various executive roles at leading commercial aerospace advisory, aircraft leasing, and aviation banking organizations. 

John is a Fellow at The Royal Aeronautical Society and President Emeritus of The Wings Club Foundation. He sits on the board of directors at ORBIS International and the board of governors at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.  John also remains active at his alma mater, University of Limerick, as an adjunct professor in the Kemmy School of Business where he received his MBA and more recently an Honorary Doctorate in Economic Science.

About Heart Aerospace  

At Heart Aerospace we work at the cutting edge of technology while contributing towards a sustainable future. Heart’s mission is to create the world’s greenest, most affordable, and most accessible form of transport. This mission is grounded in the outlook that electric air travel will become the new normal for regional flights and can be transformational in addressing the industry’s key sustainability challenges.  

At Heart Aerospace we are developing the ES-30, a regional electric airplane with a standard seating capacity of 30 passengers driven by electric motors with battery derived energy. The ES-30 will have a fully electric zero emissions range of 200 kilometers, an extended range of 400 kilometers with 30 passengers and flexibility to fly up to 800 kilometers with 25 passengers, all including typical airline reserves.  

Heart Aerospace has a total of 250 firm orders for the ES-30, with options and purchase rights for an additional 120 airplanes. The company also has letters of intent for a further 91 airplanes. 

Our investors include Air Canada, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, EQT Ventures, European Investment Council, Lower Carbon Capital, Mesa Air Group Inc, Saab and United Airlines Ventures. Our main offices are in Gothenburg, Sweden.  www.heartaerospace.com  

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John Slattery(Photographer: GE Aerospace)
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Anders Forslund, CEO and co-founder Heart Aerospace(Photographer: Patrik Olsson)
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